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A roof is a major speculation. In case you’re thinking about repairing or supplanting it, there are numerous critical things to ask yourself and a qualified material contractual worker to choose which is best for your home. You should think about the age of your present rooftop, the state of all material segments, and whether you intend to offer your home sooner rather than later.


  • Repair or Replace Your Roof?

  • Roof Leaks and Emergency Repairs

  • Storm Damage

  • Hiring a Roofing Contractor

  • Cost of Roofing Repairs

  • More About Leaky Roofs

Roof Repairs Sydney


When we were looking for a roof restoration we had only one thing in mind, a good job. After being quoted a few “too good to be true” cheap quotes, we were feeling uncomfortable with the potential quality of the job and essential insurances from the provider. Too many of my friends complained of damage to ceilings and other external objects around their houses which were not covered by their insurances.

Eventually I found Aaron’s Roofing and called them out for a quote. They gave me an itemized quote and guarantee of the workmanship along with copies of the necessary insurances needed in today’s litigious climate.

Although they were not the cheapest quote, the promise of quality was the selling point for us. Aaron’s provided a very professional service with attention to detail. They ensured there was no damage to our pool by covering it during the roof-cleaning phase. In fact the exterior of our home including our fences were left gleamingly clean. The completed job gave a complete transformation to our home, which we are very pleased with. We recommend Aaron’s Roofing to anyone wanting a quality roof restoration.

Dee (Cecil Hills)

I would like to personally thank you for your outstanding service.

MATT from Dundas Valley

100% Nice work on our roof. It’s all good.

Jason from North Sydney

The very best. I will refer everyone I know. Thank You for the quality work!

Alison from Burwood